Ad Astra, ex Cūnā

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

Personal Pages

  • Book Reccomendations - texts that have influenced my thinking.
  • Quotes - and other things too.
  • Hacks - a perennially outdated list of tips and tricks, mostly involving computers.
  • Web Directory - back in the {good,bad} old days, this was partially the point of the web.
  • Wishlist - things I think should exist but don't. This is where I write down ideas for projects so big that I don't even know where to begin to start.

About Me

I'm a sophomore at Reed College studying computer science and Russian. I'm interested in how computers can help people and improve the world, though they're doing mostly the opposite at the moment. This site contains some of my notes about computers and a small collection of my creative output. It's hosted on a VPS with OpenBSD Amsterdam and generated from org-mode files using GNU Emacs and a Makefile.

Where To Find Me

You can reach me by Email at or through Matrix at I can also be reached via Discord, Telegram, and Signal, though I prefer Matrix.

Occasionally I have a long enough attention span to finish programming projects well enough to publish them online. These can primarily be found on my Sourcehut account linked above. I'm also halcyonseeker on, but the code there is usually out of date. If you want to send a patch, use the Sourcehut repository and git-send-email(1).

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